Menchior Workshops – national heritage artisans.

Specialised in the creation and production of decorative objects in plaster. This approach incorporates reinforcing natural fibers using a method passed down through generations in our family.

All our creations are conceived and produced in our own workshops. More than 180 unique models of base and crow molding measuring 3.60m (7 feet 11 inches) in length. More than 1600 decorative objects such as rosaces, bas-reliefs, chimneys, clumns, pillars, capitals, light fixtures, heat-reflecting paving stones and plaques (for the back of chimneys), statues, consoles, coins and artistic motifs.

All our products are stable from a dimensional point of view (i.e. they do not change size over time). We also create and produce industrial molds and models. Menchior and Sons is recognised as a national heritage site of artisans. Among our specialities are the art of restoring private homes of character, the renovating of public and classified buildings, the managing of work sites and the fitting and mounting of decorative ornaments. Class 1 – D11, Class 2 – D24, Class 3 – D23 (Belgian specialty grades)

2005 brings two new event to our family : The 157th anniversary of our workshops the opening of the on-site museum ‘Natural Heritage Plaster – Menchior’ which you may visit on the 7nd of October 2007, the day of ‘Découvertes Entreprises’.